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Re: Quad tunes live

>From: "Jim M"
>Subject: Re: Quad tunes live
>OK, I do have a
>problem with Imagine a Man.  I can't think of a Who song I'd less like to
>hear live.

Ha!  'Did You Steal My Money' would make my jaw drop from being dumbfounded.
*That* song has no business ever being played live.

I was watching portions of TKAA DVD with a college buddy of mine who now
lives in Norwich, CT.  Some of you might remember him from the Boston show
in 2000.  My buddy Bill B.  Doing a mini-boarding tour.  Nice snow this
Anywho, besides some staples like WGFA, I had to show him Young Man Blues
and then also A Quick One.
I'm convinced that Keith's performance in Rock 'n' Roll Circus' A Quick One
is his ultimate performance.
He's just flippin' on fire.  I start yelling at the camera man to keep his
lens focused on Keith!!!  Just too many bombastic rolls that aren't caught
on video!
Pure ecstasy.  Keith is amazing.
Bill B. had the same "DAMN!" reaction that he had when I had him listen to
Naked Eye for the first time a year ago or so.

My point here is, that I would absolutely *love* to see Pete and Rog. pull
out some of the really classic driving songs that seems to create that
Gimme YMB, NE, AQO.
I could die a happy man.

Kevin in VT