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RE: Foxy Lady

Roger met Heather in 1968 she was a model then. The song Foxy Lady was written in 1967 so the song came out before Roger new her any way. Legend says Jimi met her back stage it was never proven if the song was for her. It's been around for some time now. Point is Roger and Heather where not married at the time let alone had met yet.


--- "L. Bird" <pkeets@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>"And you know you are a sweet little lovemaker...oooh foxy..."  (It's THIS
>line that led to my fatigued curiosity about the song.  How does Jimi know 
>she's a sweet little "lovemaker"???  Do you think the suave Mr. Hendrix
>actually bedded the flattered Mrs. Daltrey???)

I haven't paid enough attention to this story to dig around for details, but 
for some reason I'm under the impression that Jimi and Heather were an item 
before she met Daltrey.  Anyone else?


P.S.  Thanks for the welcome.  :)

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