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Re: Quad tunes live

----- Original Message ----- From: "Joe Lewinski"
> Mc wrote:
>  >Sea and Sand was a nice touch in 2002, as well.
> I'd also like to hear Punk Meets The Godfather,
> and The Dirty Jobs too.

I think the fact that so many of The Who's great songs come from their two
major Operas causes problems in putting together a live set.  Songs like The
Dirty Jobs don't make a lot of sense when played alone in the middle of a
set.  5:15 and Love Reign O'er Me stand alone much better, which is probably
a big reason why they were chosen for radio and became popular in the first
place.  Sea and Sand would fall into that category of songs that need to fit
into a story.  But they played that, so it can be done.

I guess I'd like to see something like they did for Tommy in 2002 done with
Quad.  I'm not sure if they've ever done it quite that way since the
ill-fated Quad tour.  Say about 5-6 songs in sequence that relate highlights
of the story. Something like The Real Me, Sea and Sand, I'm One, Drowned,
Dr. Jimmy, Love Reign O'er Me.  Ideally they would rotate it a bit from show
to show.  Maybe limit it to either I'm One or Drowned, but not both.
Sprinkle in I've Had Enough and Is It In My Head from time to time.

I know there's been some talk here that they've been avoiding certain songs
because John's not there.  Not the one's he wrote and sang, but songs like
The Real Me.  All I can say is that if you're doing that, then you need to
get a new bassist.

So, can anyone else suggest a good mini-Quad set, or do you think it's a bad

Jim M

P.S.  After hearing the opinions of you guys who went to the 2002 shows, I
pulled out my Mansfield I and MSG Encore discs and you're right.  I was
wrong.  Totally.  Pete blistered during Sparks and See Me Feel Me and Roger
sounded strong.  I could do with a more prominent and powerful bass, but see
above regarding that.