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Re: Quad tunes live

>> Specifically, I'm tired of "5:15" & "Love, Reign O'er Me" live.  And
>> that's got nothing to do with the absence of Entwistle.  
>> I'm just tired
>> of hearing those loooong songs at Who shows.

I could take or leave 5.15, as they have played it so many times live down
through the years, but LROM was one of the huge highlights for me on the
2002 Tour.  The crowd really seemed to be moved with the opening piano
notes, and it really is a very atypical Who song in many ways.  That's one
of those songs that people have heard on the radio but don't realize that
it's The Who because of the unique style employed.  Pete's guitar work on
LROM in 2002 was also spectacular.  Sea and Sand was a nice touch in 2002,
as well.


I absolutely loved "Sea & Sand" in 2002, and Pete was on fire when he did
5:15 in Columbus, but I don't need to hear Roger doing the falsetto version
of LROM anymore. As with everyone on this list, I have seen The Who numerous
times live, so I would love to hear some Quad songs that don't get played
that often. "Punk and the Godfather", "I've Had Enough", and "Cut My Hair"
come to mind immediately.

-Chris in Cleveland