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Re: The Who - The Vegas Job DVD - Has this been released?

> Was this released in the UK?
Yes, it was released a month or two ago in the UK.
> Is it to be released in the USA?
Last rumor I heard said that a US release date would be sometime around
February 2004. 

I just wrote to Matt Kent the other day and asked him about this, and he
replied that he had no idea when or if "The Vegas Job" was being released in
the states. I always thought The Who made more money in the U.S., so I find
this a bit bizarre. In the meantime, has anyone out there found it in a
version that is playable on standard U.S. DVD players? The ones I've found
have all been either PAL (U.S. uses NTSC) and/or Region 2 (U.S. uses 0 or

Chris in Cleveland