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Re: Fiddle about

----- Original Message ----- From: "O'Neal, Kevin W."

> > My initial feeling was that [Tommy] was a weak part of the set that year
> I thought they were very strong.
> Sparks always gives me Goosebumps.
> And, watching Roger smash the hell out of the tambourines weren't too
shabby either!

As soon as I wrote this I knew I would be rebutted and would have to pull
out my Encore discs to reevaluate my opinion.  I will say, I like the idea
of a mini-Tommy set, but felt there were a couple of problems with how they
did it.  Putting Pinball Wizard first, before Amazing Journey/Sparks seemed
odd.  Also, on the cd's anyway, you can hardly hear the bass in Sparks.  Why
even do Sparks if you're going to mix the bass way down?  Anyway, that might
have been very different live, that's why I asked what you guys think.  I
did listen to that part of my MSG disc today and I thought Roger did a
really good job with See Me Feel Me.  Maybe he feels most comfortable with
Tommy these days.  I suppose that would be reason enough to choose it.

----- Original Message ----- From: "Schrade, Scott"

> But it was nice seeing Pete go into the Birdman pose!  That did it for me!

What's that?

Jim M