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Re: Fiddle about

	>From: "L. Bird" 
	>Subject: Re: Fiddle about 

	>Hopefully this will help to further repair some of the lingering damage to his

	Yeah, as the guests keep their distance and leer over at Pete with expressions of "you twisted masturbating fuck."
>I don't see that TOMMY is any surprise. It looks like Roger and Pete are going to shove the pedo >mess into everybody's face. Heheh. They have such great instincts. :)

Well, that's one spin.  I suspect most people are a bit too daft to make the connection.  Pedophilia isn't exactly the *first* thought that comes to mind when I think of Tommy.  So, I don't believe this played any role in their decision.

My take is that Pete and Roger simply want to do something classic.  Hell, it's *The Royal Albert Hall*!  What better place to perform Tommy?  And, it's what they played when they first performed there.  So, it's a reunion, of sorts.
Kind of how Pete played SMFM as the closing piece at his re-visit to Woodstock in '98 (that after apologizing about the 'Abbey Hoffman incident').

But, I wouldn't count out the possibility of them playing some new music before launching into Tommy.  They need *something* to warm up with.

Kevin in VT

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