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The Who on Never Mind the Buzzcocks

The Who got a big mention on Never Mind the Buzzcocks last night.  (BBC2 music quiz.  If I remember rightly, this was the show where JAE made his last television appeaerance.)

They played some old & familiar black & white footage (AAA, if I remember rightly).  This was followed by some old & familiar Pete jokes (which I ignored).

They then asked the question: "Why did Pete and his hearse get in trouble for with the police?"

No one knew the answer (it is quite a tough question).

(Queen mum complained because she had to drive past it regularly, and it reminded her of her husbands funeral. LOL)

They then finished off with a story I hadn't heard before: apparently John Entwistle was in the habit of paying hookers to dance around wearing just a Union Jack bikini,



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