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Re: Ben Dover!

> Pete doesn't normally say much at the RAH gigs, 

Oh, come now.  Pete can't help himself when he's on stage.  He said quite 
a bit at that 2000 RAH show.  Told the audience to "Fuck off!" in the 
middle of "Baba O'Riley!"

> as it's Roger who is the organizer. 

Roger oversees the handing over of the big check.

> Therefore, I'm not expecting a speech from him. 

Oh, I didn't say "speech."  I said one or two "snide comments."

> If there are any hecklers, then I expect Roger can take care of them. 
> They're likely to have good security for anyone who seems out of line.

I'm more worried about stuff like that at the IOW show as there will be
many more fans of other bands in the audience who may choose to "voice
their opinion" about Pete.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism