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RAH Special Guests

I've been thinking about the Tommy performance
at RAH, and what kind of special guests they need
to pull this off.

They could do it raw as a five-piece, or with Simon
on guitar and backing vocals and that would probably
be fine.     Not sure if Pino will be there, but I'm guessing
he will.

However......, this is an opportunity for *friends of Pete*
to come out an publicly show support for Pete and
the Who.   My *speculative* list of potential special guests

1. Elton John
2. Eric Clapton
3. Bono or The Edge
4. Eddie Vedder
5. David Gilmore
6. Bob Geldoff
7. Mick or Keith -

Normally I'd suspect Phil Collins would be part of this, but since his
name was mentioned as a *potential* suspect during the Operation Ore
news leak that surfaced Pete's name, I would not be surprised if he
is not included.

Other people that could be on hand could include:

Paul Townshend (Pete's other Brother)
Rachel Fuller (Pete's Girlfriend)
Emma Townshend (Pete's Daughter)
Billy Nicholls (Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Music Directory and frequent Pete Collaborator)

People you will definitely not see on stage with The Who include:

Jack Nicholson
Ann Margaret
Oliver Reed
Paul Ruebens (who would play a great bell boy in Quad if given the chance -
	"Paging Mr. Herman.  Mr. Herman."

I know that to Schrade, the more people on the stage, the better! ;-o

Joe in Philly