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Re: UK magazine watch

The Who feature in the latest Q magazine From Elvis to the Beatles, the
first part of their 3 part "50 years of rock n roll"  special issue.

There's a 6 page feature on the Who's early days, concentrating on the
violence both on and off the stage, with several photyo's we've seen before,
but nothing new or startling about the Who.

The magazine also features articles on Little Richard, Sam Cooke, The
Beatles, Rolling Stones, Hendrix, Woodstock, and has athe Q top 40, 20
wingles and 20 albums that changed the world - Tommy is in the top 20 albums
at number 9, but there is no Who single in the top 20.

However, at 16 is the Shangri La's "Leader of the pack" and the text
suggests we "forget Tommy". The reason? These girl groups' songs are
considered a series of pocket rock operas!