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>From: Joe Lewinski
>Subject: Re: Meaty, Beaty, Big & Not Boring!
>Back to MBBAB:
>I happen to be looking at the Ultimate Collection <UC>
>CD that was issued a year or so back, and the first
>disk has nearly all the tracks from MBBAB.   Haven't
>done a proper comparison, but I swear from memory it
>is damn close.

Good memory!  It's indeed damn close.
All the tracks of MBBAB are represented on the first disc of UC.
But, UC is expanded to include I'm Free, SMFM, Summertime Blues, My Wife,
BO'R,  and Bargain.

Well, what I'm learning about myself while participating (or at least trying
to) in The Album of The Week, is that I need to get my damn CD's organized.
I finally dug out my MBBAB.  I couldn't find it at first!  Then, I moved a
couple of box-sets that I had standing in front of my CD stacks (now on the
upper shelf of a closet to avoid wandering little hands), and found the
elusive CD at only 2 CD's from the bottom of my quite tall Who stack.  Not
sure what that means, but I guess it does mean something.  Just don't grab
for MBBAB very often.  This album was an afterthought for me.  I grew up on

Isn't that scab on Roger's face the same size as the end of the neck on
Pete's guitar?  ;-)
And, suuuuure John and Keith, those are cigarettes.  Right.
John and Keith look pretty high, while both Roger and Pete seem happily
(boringly?) sober.

I agree with Scott, a good and concise collection, with Legal Matter a bit
of an eye-brow raiser.
And, funny enough, I always thought it was Pete's electric guitar that made
the "BA-ROOM's" at the beginning of PBW, until I saw them live and watched
John do it with the high trebbely / static-y sound.
So, maybe I was right all along, and John just steps in for live shows?

It's hard to discuss "collection albums".  I'm finding myself, as Joe
started, to compare to other collection albums.

Like I wrote, MBBAb was an afterthought.  Hooligans seemed to convey all
that was The Who for me.  Hooligans!  But, The Ultimate Collection, once
released, quickly became my favorite "collections" album.  Include a ripping
version of YMB and Naked Eye, and it would be damn near perfect.  2-CD's of
constant driving music, taking a journey through various albums and decades
(not decays).

I'd like to take the next logical step and continue this "collections" visit
by making The Ultimate Collection the next Who Album of The Week.
Besides the music, it holds a very special place in my Who consciousness.
It's the album I was most listening to most (exclusively) when John died.
I can't help but re-visit that time, and particularly John's talent while
listening to EF.

That's where I'm going.....

Kevin in VT