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The second generation

>From: Keithjmoon70
>Subject: The second generation
>He was as cool as Zak
>and he *kicked* ass. I ain't joking man. His mom and I about cried from
>laughing so hard.

Dude, that is awesome.  In my dreams.  Actually, just jamming together is
what's in my dreams.
Batten down those hatches.  The girls are a gonna swarm.

I'm becoming increasingly aware of a strong draw to music by my now 17 month
Besides dancing any time he hears music (James Taylor this AM-coffee time,
followed by some vintage Jackson 5), and I mean much more than other little
tikes, he spends much time with music oriented toys.
I caught him the other day sitting in front of my acoustic (in a stand),
head down, arm up reaching for the strings, and a plucking them one by
one...and then in pairs,....and finally strumming across all strings.
It was the level of concentration that struck me.  A brain-stamp was
Atnd at day care, he loves this Elmo Saxophone thingy!  Oh, and has an Elmo
guitar (thanks Stu and Lori!) that he absolutely loves to dance to (and
drive us crazy with).

I'm hitting the books hard and practicing guitar every chance I get.
Got to stay ahead of the curve!

Kevin in VT
Proud supporter of Howard Dean: equal rights under the law for all citizens
of the U.S.  (like your neighbor, your teacher, your gardener, your lawyer,
your accountant, your doctor,.....or....maybe even your child)  regardless
of sexual orientation.

P.S.  Thanks, Captain Kangaroo.