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Re: The second generation

Jon wrote:

>My son, who is in the 9th grade, beat out the 10th-12th graders at his high
school to be the dude at the kit in the school bands. They have a major music
program there. He just did a concert where there was an artsy stage production
done by the electric orchestra and him alone on the kit soloing the entire
time. The beats were strong, as he is a bottom-up player. He was as cool as Zak
and he *kicked* ass. I ain't joking man. His mom and I about cried from
laughing so hard.

>He represented the Who by wearing his black Tommy album cover T-shirt.


That's just got to feel great.  Good on him and you!
Sounds like he's making
quite an impression.  It he popular with the birds?

Joe in Philly