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A little disturbing....

>From: Nelson9792
>Subject: A little disturbing....
>I was walking around with WGFA sort of stuck in my head, but when the end
>part came, I heard the Howard Dean scream instead of Daltrey's....

Now *that's* funny!
You obviously have been reading Pete's chat board.

Funny, people interviewed who were actually at that rally thought it was an
awesome speech, and are stunned at the reaction.

Go ahead, Nelson.
Join the bashing of a good man.

Awe, hell.
Never mind.

Kevin in VT
Proud to support Howard Dean.
Who balanced budgets 11 years in a row, created healthcare for all, created
more jobs than any prior VT Gov., created more environmental securities than
any other, was re-elected 5x, and who brought the left and right together to
accomplish HUGE successes for the state of VT.
Oh, and had the *BALLS* to stand up to Bush when no other Democrat had the
guts to do it.