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Re: Roger calling it quits?

>From: Alan McKendree
>Subject: Re: Roger calling it quits?
>Announcing it's the end creates more momentum and more lucrative returns.

I don't necessarily believe that.  Simply saying this is the last tour
(again), isn't going to fill the seats, or get people to suddenly run out
and buy an album that they wouldn't buy if The Who lived on.
But, it *does* prevent them from capitalizing on a successful tour and a
smash hit album...unless...of course...they don't give a rats butt how it
looks to suddenly say "Hey!  Who would have thought!  Our tour rocked and
our new album is a major hit!  We're coming back for the big cash in!"
Nope, that's not gonna be too smooth.

>Plus they may really believe it's the last tour. If it were to be the last,
wouldn't you, as a fan, want to know?

I would.  I just believe that if such a major decision were made, it would
have been officially announced.  Not just a quick cryptic mention in the
middle of an interview.  It wasn't even a mention.  It was reported as if
the announcement of the end had already officially been made, and Roger was
just making a follow up comment about it.  It doesn't make sense.
Plus, how many bands do you know of that pull themselves together to tour
for their first new album in what....22 years, and call it quits before they
even record the new album?
That would be bizarre.

Who knows.
I don't feel we've been given credible information.

Kevin in VT
Proud to support Howard Dean.
Most beloved Governor in VT history.