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Re: Roger calling it quits?

> Just noticed the following post on O&S.
> For those of you in Britain, there is a short piece on Roger on Channel 
> 4 Teletext page 351.  He basically says that he hopes the new album is 
> a fitting way to end the last year of the band, and that he still feels 
> the presence of John and Keith on stage."
> The plot thickens?

This is getting confusing.  What's "Teletext page 354" mean in the above 
post?  And now, on Pete's chatboard, someone posted this:

According to a report of a RD interview in the London Evening Standard The
Who will finish this year.  Roger is quoted as saying that,

"We`re determined to give our last year in the business the best shot we`ve

It also says that The Who`s new album will mark their last year together.

Roger recently mentioned the "John & Keith's presence" thing in an Evening
Standard blurb a few days back.  And he talked about Pete's arrest.  But
no mention in that article of this being "the last year" of The Who.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism