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Re: Meaty, Beaty, Big & Boring

In a message dated 1/21/2004 7:47:42 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
sschrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<I like the cover, etc.  Great cover.  And back cover.  Does Daltrey have
<a scab on his lip?  What is that?  

That is *so* funny.......I was wondering the same thing.  Thought it looked 
like a little herpes sore!!

Does your have a happy face written on Keith's crotch too?  I have no idea 
how THAT got there!!!  

I agree......it is not a Quad, or a WBN, Sell-Out or Tommy, or Empty Glass, 
or, or, or, or......but it is a Who Album and that's alright by me.

Speaking of albums........I got this song in my head the other day......by 
the Surf Punks.....called "Too Big"..........lyrics.........."too big, too big 
for her top, when are those strings gonna pop, distracting all the surfers they 
forget about the tubes, no time for waves, let's talk about those boobs!!". 
It is probably almost 30 years old.  But, when I finally found it, someone had 
broken in it half and it had ex husband written all over it.  My kids watched 
my reaction at the horror of my album being broken in half and asked 
"mmmom...what would you do if daddy broke one of your Who albums?"

Jo :)