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Roger calling it quits?

I see a little thread on the PT chatboard that Roger says The Who is finished after this year.
Do you suppose he's talked this over with Pete, Zak and Rabbit?

Can we please not start a discussion based on a rumor posted by a very first time poster to Pete's chat board? The guy shows up out of no where, for the *first time*, and makes a post that no other news source is running with.

I suspect you've got to watch out for those types. Who knows? It might be Pete. ;)

But I don't think so in this case. This does look like someone who saw the feed on Channel 4. No telling if it's accurate, of course, but Roger did comment once before that he thought they'd be "past it" at 60. If true, it would be pretty ironic. He's gotten Pete all fired up and now he decides to quit? Heh.

Let me also add that senior members responding to the post have dismissed it.

Oh, you mean Jeff? :) I have to admit he's come up with some actual evidence to the contrary.

Got to hand it to you, you are consistent.

Of course. Always. ;)

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