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Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy


My MBBAB is still on vinyl.  It was my first *early* Who album,
and I was impressed that I could put this album on and
not wince once at any of the songs.  They're all great songs.
MBBAB really represents an eye-opening moment in my fandom,
because up to that point, I thought of The Who as being
only from the Tommy forward material, with Who's Next
playing an important role in masking out their previous material
for me.  Maybe it was just inexperience - who knows!

My LP is the MCA release and did not come with liner
notes.  It just has a plain white inside sleeve.

Let's start with the cover.   I just love this cover with the
little boys and the juxtaposition of the front and back
sides reversing the roles in the picture frame.   The
message I took away from this cover, was that they
liked each other.   Keith was the entertainer, each other
band member was his audience and his source of
validation.   Why are Keith and Roger standing, and
Pete and John sitting?  Who knows.   At one point
I thought that was outside the building where they
pulled off the great Happy Jack "safe-cracking / cake-eating"
caper.   I know, I know, that was from a much earlier time period,
but if you let your imagination run with it....
Does anyone know who lives there?

Each of these songs has been overplayed enthusiastically
throughout my life as a fan, but with the exception of ICE,
Substitute and Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere, I'd jump at
the opportunity to hear these live again.   Sadly, we will
probably never hear Boris The Spider again live by Pete
and Roger.   That was a cold slap in the head, wasn't it?

Think about it;  I'm A Boy, The Seeker and Magic Bus as encores
to this Summer's tour.   They could do a tribute to MBBAB
and call it the Meaty Beaty set.   Yeah, I like the sound of

Joe in Philly

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