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I forgot how much I loved this album AND it's cover. I remember hours of 
studying that album cover......

I think this is a great name for this album.  I wonder who's idea it was and 
what is the meaning behind it. <picking my tits up off the floor, holding them 
up where they should be, then dropping them.....nawww>

I love Boris the Spider, for sentimental reason's.  It was one of my very 
first Who songs I knew.  I also love A Legal Matter........."sorry babay"....I 
love it!!  Also, The Seeker.

All the songs on this album are Who classics, and it is sometimes hard to 
decide if I love a song just  because it *is* a classic. Loyalty can really get 
in the way at times. There is also the aspect of songs that have been so 
over-played, that can knock them down a few notches on the favorability scale.  They 
don't rank as high as they should for me, on a Who relevant song scale.

But, I think this is an album with no duds......a couple dudes, but not duds. 

Tell me it wouldn't have been the funnest thing ever to hang on those steps 
with our boys!  That would be hysterical!!!

Jo :)