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Re: Album of the week

<<how are you doing since your accident. been thinking
of you.>>

I have more range of motion in my foot and ankle now,
and the swelling has really gone down.  If it
continues to improve I might not need to have a third
surgery, this one on my heel tendon.  I can put a
little weight on the foot now, and I'm able to go in
the pool at the local Y for some of my physical
therapy sessions, since I can take my boot on and off
with velcro straps.  The bone on the right side of my
leg is all healed, but the one on the left side is
still a bit broken.  

I'm actually feeling a lot better after remembering
all of the inspiring and eloquent things my favourite
writer has said about ultimately being glad that he
was in prison and labour camps for eight years; it
gave him a chance to really think about why he was
alive, gave him a lot of courage over the next few
decades when he was being hounded by the authorities,
and that confinement of any sort, whether prison,
labour camp, or a broken leg in my case, can make you
a better person and cause a rebirth of sorts.  After
remembering all of that, I'm more than able to get
through the last month or so of this condition!

Anna U. Mormack
"When the body is confined, what broad horizons are opened to the mind and the soul!"Aleksandr Isayevitch Solzhenmtsyn 

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