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Re: Album of the week (end)

>From: Joe Lewinski
>Subject: Re: Album of the week (end)


What are we talking about??

Thawing out here in VT.
Have seen some incredible cold weather over the last 4 days.
Saw my own personal best of -28 (or was it 9...damn thermometer wasn't
exactly the best).
And, we've been below zero for 68 straight hours.  But, the record is like
twice that length.
Call me crazy, but I love the extreme.  It's like stepping tinto National

Finally able to get to the mountains with my buddy Jess (some of you met him
at all three Boston shows in 20000 and 2002) and do some riding.
Hell, I even went to the bar afterwards!  A rarity for a new parrot.
Ummm,........... that's parent.
Woooooo!  Lit!
Hi Bob!

>the rest
>of us have gotten blue balls over this delay with the next Album
>of the week.

I know!  I didn't know what CD to bring for the ride to the resort this
morning (Sugarbush, Joe.  Just in case you're wondering)!
So, we listened to Cake.

AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaNNNNNnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

> I suggest we go with Jo's not-so-subtle hints.  I
>second the motion for Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy!

Hell yeah!
They're meaty.
They're beaty.
They're big!
And they're sure as hell bouncy!!

>So there it is.   Anna can have a shot when she returns from the
>bathroom.  ;-)

Bladder infection??

Kevin in VT