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Another letter, this to IWF

Sorry for the heaviness of these letters.  I appreciate the emails of support 
I got.  I haven't got a response from Phoenix Survivors.  Another letter was 
put on my heart to write, here it is:


My name is Johanna Johnson from the USA.  I am a victim of a pedophile.  I am 
also a life long fan of The Who and Pete Townshend.

I am sure you read A Different Bomb.  I have read your statements regarding 
his contacting you and your assertion that he was just covering his butt after 
he, admittedly stupidly happened onto a child pornography site that was part 
of a sting operation while researching information regarding his long time 
charity work for victims, like myself for his autobiography.

I saw your link on the Phoenix Survivors website.  They have courageously 
devoted a page to Mr. Townshend's innocence and explain why they feel he has been 
unfairly been put on the Sex Offender's Registry and should be removed.

Why can't you see the plain facts that Mr. Townshend is NOT a pedophile and 
follow the example of Phoenix Survivors by backing him up?  Do you have an ax 
to grind with him so much so that you want perpetual the potential career 
killing rumor that he is a pedophile?  I know you know he isn't.  Everyone who 
knows the facts know this.  Yes, he did get caught in a net that was set up to 
catch real pedophiles, but it is so obvious, with an abundance amount of evidence 
to back it up, that he again admittedly stupidly went onto a sight, but it 
wasn't to get sexual gratification.  It wasn't because he is a pedophile and 
everyone knows that.  

I think IWF would gain increased credibility if they stopped trying to make 
Mr. Townshend something that he is not.  

Your response would be greatly appreciated.

Johanna Johnson
Temecula, CA