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Re: Pino knew....

> Doesn't anyone think that Gregg Lake is already the decision?

I don't know.  Why do I get the feeling that he was used simply to record
RGLB & that's all?  Am I psychic?  ;-)

> He already knows the new music.

One song!  That's it!

> So, he has a leg up.  

Hey now!

> Plus, Pete seemed quite pleased with him.

True.  I guess we'll have to wait to find out.  Anybody know if the Simon
& Garfunkel tour has indeed been extended?  Has Greg Lake mentioned any
plans for this summer on his website?

> I don't believe they will go with "substitutes" unless absolutely 
> necessary.

Right.  Like if Pino can't do it.

> That's just a whole bunch more work and worry that Pete and Roger don't 
> need.

But, one would have to assume that the band will vary the set list this 
time around, plus include some new material (speculation, I know).  There-
fore, even having Pino on board will take weeks of rehearsals to work on
any new songs & also the Who songs not played on the 2002 tour.  Seems to
me Pino needs to have his Simon & Garfunkel thing wrapped up by late spring
in order to be involved in this summer's Who activities, if there are any.

> I'm thinking Gregg is the pick.

I'm thinking it's Pino; unless he's contractually bound to S&G & can't do
it.  Pete seems to be loyal to his tight group of musicians.  I'll bet Pino
is choice #1.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism