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Re: Pino knew....

	>From: "Schrade, Scott" 
	>Subject: Re: Pino knew.... 
>> I guess this means we might not know who the bassist will be until 
>> very close to any tour that might be in the works.
>I suspect Pete will spill the beans in some future diary entry describing

Doesn't anyone think that Gregg Lake is already the decision?
He already knows the new music.
So, has a leg up.  Plus, Pete seemed quite pleased with him.

>Will they forego Pino & pick
>a new bass player to play RAH, IOW, & the theoretical summer tour?
>Or will they try to work Pino in where they can?  Perhaps using him on the
>summer tour only, with "substitutes" filling in for the RAH & IOW shows.

I don't believe they will go with "substitutes" unless absolutely necessary.
That's just a whole bunch more work and worry that Pete and Roger don't need.
I'm thinking Gregg is the pick.

>These are the questions we must ask ourselves.....

And we do, we do!

Kevin in VT

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