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Re: celeb who fans

In a message dated 1/6/2004 9:09:11 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
seahawkman2001@xxxxxxxxx writes:

> Jay Leno?  are you fucking kidding?
> the same guy who this time last year thought it was
> funny to make monologue jokes about Pete?

nope, not kidding.   it's all true.   in fact, in a way Leno had all 
surviving who members on his show as well, but not seperately like conan.   in 1994, 
roger made an appearance with entwistle when he was promoting the DST tour. 

conan had the John entwistle band on, townshend when he was promoting his 
solo compilation in early 1996 and roger when he was doing "christmas carol" in 
new york in 1998. 

by the way, it seems that another cause of death for righteous brother bobby 
hatfield was "acute cocaine intoxication". it also had to do with a heart 
disease of some sort. sound familiar?  I still say that heart medication possibly 
has a trace of coke in it and when they were doing the autopsy, they 
automatically assume he was sniffing the power when it could be a trace in heart 
medication.  the FDA should look into this and come back with a full report either 
announcing or DEnnouncing this hypothesis.