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Re: Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) fucks Pete right up the ass.. ....again.

Jo wrote:

>I think this IWF has something against Pete.  Why would they bend over
backwards to screw him, bad.  I wonder what it could be................hmmmmmm

This is pure speculation, but I think the IWF is just a weak organization. Since they are a foundation, they are most likely a non-profit. I have nothing against non-profit organizations in general - I've met some bright, hard-working and inspired folk at some non-profits. There just might not be any of these types of folk at the IWF. They are probably using this opportunity to get exposure and more funding. It sucks that they are using Pete (going out of their way) to further fund their business model.

Ray from Lifehouse sums it up nicely when he screams:
"I demand to see the manager!"

The joke is on us (the public), and Pete because the
IWF does not seem to have any proper manager.

This is all a very delicate issue, but this organization
needs some watch-dog group to latch on to their leg
for a while.   F#&!ing bastards!

Joe in Philly.