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Legality of Pete's research

>From: "Citizen Kane"
>Subject: RE: Legality of Pete's research
>>It definitely would be a miscarriage of justice if Pete carried out his
>>research after being assured it was legal, and then was arrested after the
>>law changed.
>"Would be," Kevin, not "is." There is no statement of fact in the above, or
any intent to miscarry the same.
>P.S. Why are you fabricating reality?

<sigh> I'm not going to go titty for tatty with you.....um....Citizen Kane.
But, to imply that Pete saught legal advise prior to his research is a
complete hypothetical based on not one shred of evidence, or even the
It's, quite frankly, a figment of your strong desire and imagination.
To plop it out there like there's some possibility of this, *is* what you
term....."fabricating reality".
Might as well say "it would be a miscarriage of justice if Pete were forced
to do this research by Scottland Yard and then were arrested."

(Intermittent Lurker:  "What?  Did I miss something?  Was Pete forced to do
the research by Scottland Yard?????)

Move on.

Kevin in VT