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Re: Roger Rules!

Jo - If you are still in need of a tape of the Extreme
History episodes, please contact me off-list with your
address.  I have recorded all episodes so far & would
be happy to send a copy to you.

I thought there was still one more new episode to be
aired.  I was sure that the initial press releases
said there were 10 episodes.  So far only nine new
episodes have aired.  I can't find that press
release/article now, but have found an article that
listed several episodes that were filmed.  On that
list was a Viking episode & I haven't seen that one
yet.  Does anyone have any more information about
this?  On the Extreme History website, they've just
been listing the next episode that is to be shown.  It
currently lists a repeat of the Wild West episode on
January 11.

I too have really enjoyed this series.  As you said
Scott, Roger really seems to be interested in the
subject matter and his personality really shows


--- SicilianMother@xxxxxxx wrote:
> In a message dated 1/2/2004 9:39:28 AM Pacific
> Standard Time, 
> sschrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> <<Honest!  
> Ok.........I'll believe you.  I am disappointed but
> I will just keep looking.
> Thanks anyway Mr. Schrade.   Enjoy your
> tape...........<sniff, sniff>.
> Jo :)  

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