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Re: Roger Rules!

In a message dated 1/2/2004 12:39:28 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
sschrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
*Someone* out there has to have a better
quality tape.

Hold on, Jo.

I went to the History channel chat board one time and they were clamoring for 
a release of all the episodes and imploring Roger to do a second season. I 
hope that he'll be too busy to do so *this* year -unless he happens to 
miraculously do them while on a US tour. (He just may show up on stage dressed as 
different historical figures.) These comments were mostly coming from non-Who fans. 
He's a hit.  He really did a great job and is a natural host.  They *should* 
be hour-long episodes if there is a next time.

I've only seen one episode,  ( I canceled the cable for about 14 mos. ;-) ) 
the history of nascar where he drove that 55 Chevy in a dirt track race with 
his name on the door and everything.  As the high-powered car roared, he claimed 
that it sounded just like John Entwistle.  He's a hands on dude in more ways 
than one!

Seeing how most History Channel shows are put out on tape as official 
releases, I'd be shocked if this one wasn't.

Jon in Mi.