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Re: Wishing only the best for Who fan friends

Kevin wrote:

>He's been very busy getting familiar with all his new toys.  Silly
grandparents spoil the heck out of him.  And, he's been very busy dancing to
the album "A Quick One."  Loves "Heat Wave".


Funny you should mention this.  My son received
"A Quick One" and has been playing it in his room.  Last
night we were hanging out and looking at old Christmas
pictures, and my daughter starts singing "Her man's been
gone..." and then my son joins in.   The both smiled
at me.    My nine year old son then does a quick
"You can't write a 10 minute song.  They're 2 minutes
50, tradition"  in a Pete-like accent.   Just funny!

By the way, I'm glad you passed the Homer Who on to Stu.
Pass it on!

Joe in Philly