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Wishing only the best for Who fan friends

>From: SicilianMother
>Subject: Wishing only the best for Who fan friends
>I am wishing all my friends on IGTC a great 2004.

What, no list???

>This is the end of my first full year on IGTC. A few thoughts.

It's felt more like a decade?   Ha!

>I love you all!!  Hear that Kevin???  hehe

Awe shucks.
Yeah, I hear ya.

Got back from the Mid-Atlantic on Monday.
Been busy getting and taking antibiotics for my apparent strep throat
(formal test results due Friday).
Still, I had to clear off yet another foot of snow upon my return.  Missed
setting the record for snowiest December by 3".
Now, most of it's gone.  We keep getting rain right after the big dumps.

Despite being sick the entire time and being treated like a leper as a
result, I had a great Christmas visiting both of our families in Baltimore
(still love that town) and my home town of D.C, and many of our good friends
in and around the Baltimore, D.C., Annapolis area.
Stu in Md sends his regards, and promises YET AGAIN to post.
RIGHT!  Believe it when I see it, Stu!
He particularly enjoyed his gift, thanks to Joe L. in Philly.
His shirt with 'Homer Kids are Alright' decal, and matching 'Onesie' for
little Keith Alec was a smash hit.
The Simpsons were even on the TV when he opened it.
Thanks Joe!

We heard the news about IOW from Stu's S.O., Lori.
Immediately we (Me, Stu, and Mike) were filled with this "holy grail"
excitement.  This will be the ultimate.
I'll  be continually checking flight information, and gladly sacrificing an
East Coast tour in order to hit IOW.
If it doesn't work out, we'll keep our fingers crossed for some good US
shows, like maybe one in Cleveland, or...Atlanta.

I guess the other big news since I hit the road (man, can we please develop
some George Jetson vehicles, and quick?  I don't know how you city folk deal
with all the traffic????  It makes me claustrophobic!) is the Pete interview
with The Observer.  I was happy to see such a balanced interview, but deeply
saddened to hear how harshly Pete has taken this entire situation.  The
thought of Pete 'offing' himself over this, rocked my world a bit.  More
than a bit.  It's been on my mind since reading it.  We all know (some of us
more than others) what those kinds of feelings are like.....where your head
is.  Not good.
Pete's a good man.  He doesn't deserve that kind of shit.  Unfortunately, we
live in a world of vultures, looking to knock good people down.
I wore my "I'm *&@@#@**!!!! Innocent" T-shirt to several gatherings with
friends.  Only a few feeble attempts at jokes, including one that also
mentioned Jacko, but for the most part, people simply asked what the latest
was.  My Who-mentor Mike's reaction to "A real good looking boy" was a
classic "That's Pete for ya, always fucking with people's minds."  Other
people simply were puzzled.  I, for one, can't wait to hear the product,
marketing decisions aside.

Santa was relatively good to me this year.  New Burton Snowboarding pants
(bib, actually) tops my list, along with some much needed new clothes.  Not
living in the city anymore, I tend to get one-tracked and wear dirty Carhart
brush-pants all the time.  My wife and I treated ourselves to new Flow
snowboard bindings, a DVD player (finally!!!!), and a big new universal gym
(we'll see if I now get motivated to lift again).  Oh, and I can't forget
the snowboarding game for PS2.

<Tangent Alert!> So, I was able to finally look at the various angles of The
Ox cam, etc.  Wow.  Great to watch Moonie so closely.  Awesome to watch him
come tumbling onto the stage.  *VERY* interesting to see Roger getting
hugged by the luscious blond, while Pete get's hugged by that jubilant guy
at the end of WGFA.
Pretty telling, that.  Not in a sexual way, but in a emotion and mentality
Tonight, I expose Ethan to Who music along to video.  TKAA.

>I hope you all have a safe, happy and healthy 2004.  I look forward to
>sharing some positive Who moments in the coming year.

Me, as well.
I miss the days when I was considered the "sheriff" from outside
IGTC-bashing intruders, and preached unity.  I still have those same
loyalties and idealistic ambitions, but unfortunately have been shown that
such unity is very hard (very, very, very, very) to come by.
We need to do better.
We need to show more respect.
We need to trust more.
We need to stay in tune.
Stay focused.
Understand that we're all Who brethren.
If this isn't a religion, it comes pretty damn close, and is really the only
sort of religion I want to participate in (please don't take the use of the
word 'religion' too seriously and come back at me with worship crap, etc.
I'm not a worshiper).

Anywho, I'm off to make some breakfast.
Little Ethan (currently running around wearing his Who-target T-shirt and a
red Santa cap on his head) says "apohgpgaf97wiwe4ra[s8fg98adg" (translated
as "HI !).
He's been very busy getting familiar with all his new toys.  Silly
grandparents spoil the heck out of him.  And, he's been very busy dancing to
the album "A Quick One."  Loves "Heat Wave".

Have a great, safe, and happy 2004.
See you here, and hopefully at some future shows.

Kevin in VT

"The Doctor is In!"
Dean in 2004!