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Roger in Return of the King

A couple of folks have already referred to Roger's performance here as a cameo.

Cameos (by definition) stand out. They are meant to 1) promote the celebrity and 2) promote the movie. Roger is invisible in this movie, and his character is an integral part that carries it forward. Therefore, this is not a cameo; it is a serious role in a very serious and highly successful film.

We can expect Roger got this part because he was interested in doing it, and therefore his agent sent his name to the casting director who was searching for talent in the L.A. area. It's just the kind of thing he likes to do--it would take about a week and not tie him up for any awkward length of time.

When you jump to a conclusion that this is a cameo, you're suggesting that no director would be interested in Roger for other than his celebrity status. It's true that he does fall afoul of the cameo thing quite a lot, but in other films he does very good work as a serious actor. With any luck, he can continue to find similar good roles in successful, big-budget movies and eventually move to A-list parts.

Meanwhile, enjoy the show. :)


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