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Wackos threaten Roger

I am NOT putting this up on thewho.net! These idiots
don't need any more attention. But in case you hear
something, here's the story and remember, Roger is a
regular attendee at the PETA awards and good friends
with Chrissie Hynde:

>From the Daily Record at:

Mar 1 2004

EXCLUSIVE: Animal activists threaten Connolly
By John Dingwall

ANIMAL rights activists are threatening to set fire to
Billy Connolly's home.

Cops fear the keen angler's Scottish estate in
Strathdon could be targeted after it was listed on a
website called Bloodsports Scum.

The Big Yin and dozens of other stars are labelled
'twisted perverts and walking advertisements for

The site hints at violence and death threats, stating:
'These people don't live in fireproof houses. They're
not immortal.'

Police fear Connolly and the other stars could be
subjected to attacks.

They include celebrity chef Clarissa Dickson Wright,
Madonna's husband Guy Ritchie, Who rocker Roger
Daltrey, singer Bryan Ferry, chef Jamie Oliver and TV
presenter Chris Tarrant.

All either fish or hunt. Last night, a spokeswoman for
Grampian Police, who cover Connolly's Candacraig House
in Aberdeenshire, said they were aware of the threats.

She said: 'The officers dealing with this situation
have been aware of the website for a couple of months.

'It is a situation which is being continually
monitored. In appropriate circumstances, such as
these, he might be contacted regarding the matter but
we are unable to confirm this.'

She added that Connolly's estate is under surveillance
as 'this is something we would do for any high-profile
person in this area'.

Police are believed to have contacted many of those on
the hitlist, including Connolly.

The 61-year-old, who grew up in a Glasgow tenement,
bought his luxury 15-bedroom home in 1998. As well as
15 acres of grounds which are ideal for hunting, the
estate has its own trout loch.

Connolly and wife Pamela Stephenson have hosted lavish
bashes at the country pile for Hollywood pals such as
Steve Martin and Robin Williams.

The estate is already subjected to strict security.

Connolly sparked an animal cruelty row in 2002 after
he turned up at his local Highland Games wearing a
badger's headon his sporran.

Yesterday,aclose friend said: 'Billy knows there are a
lot of people out there who think nothing of going to
extremes to make their views known.

'This is of concern but it is not something he would
want to discuss.'

-Brian in Atlanta
The Who This Month!

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