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Happy Birthday Roger

It's not till tomorrow but being a 'Digest' person, I want to be sure it shows
on the correct digest day! Gotta get something right after all these years.

Happy Birthday to the Epitome of the Rock and Roll frontman, the sexy chick
magnet who puts everything he has got into each and every performance!

Roger, you play every show like it is your first and your last; the gifts of
your voice, your energy, your smile and your love is what will keep The WHO
forever alive in my heart.  From the moment I saw you in the TOMMY film to the
last time I saw you in the flesh at Mansfield Massachusetts in September of
2002, you have embodied the spirit of the give-all artist who cares so much
for the people whose hearts are touched by the music you help to create. Today
I celebrate your birth as well as the gifts you have shared so freely and
sincerely with those who love you.  You are the best at what you do, and just
knowing that you will get to enjoy many more live shows in the coming year-
singing the songs that you love- has me hoping that you have a very happy
birthday celebration filled with love and anticipation and excitement and
passion...I hope those who share your life show you how much your presence
means to them....and I hope that you know that those who know you only through
the music love and respect you deeply.  Thank you for so much great music, so
many incredible experiences...

Today I hold your heart close with love and wish that the happiness that
you've brought to others returns to you tenfold.