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FW: Top 20 Who Songs

1. Baba O'Riley
2. Sparks
3. Naked Eye
4. Young Man Blues
5. Won't Get Fooled Again
6. Heaven and Hell
7. My Generation
8. A Quick One, While He's Away
9. The Punk and the Godfather
10. Drowned
11. Rael 1
12. Slip Kid
13. The Seeker
14. Overture
15. Happy Jack
16. My Wife
17. See Me, Feel Me
18. Long Live Rock
19. Who Are You
20. Eminence Front


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Calling all list compilers:

Q, the monthly music magazine is currently putting together a special 
edition completely devoted to The Who to go on sale in May.
  As part of this they are contacting fans worldwide and asking them to 
vote for their Top 20 Who Songs Of All Time, for a poll to be published 
in their Who special edition. Fans can submit their Top 20 lists via 
e-mail to them at
  Alternatively, you can submit entries by post to the address listed 

  Q, Mojo Special Editions
  Mappin House
  Winsley Street
  W1W 8HF

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