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John Entwistle Foundation event update

For those who have the JEF auction on their radars:

Steve L is hoping to get the info re: available items to me next weekend. We plan to have a picture and at least a brief description of each item on the Website. Still no word as to exactly how the auction will be handled.

Items are still coming in, but among the definites are at least one stage suit of John's, a "Generations" and a "Spirit of '76" lithographs and some original working sketches he did while creating his various art pieces.

For those who don't care about The Who, there are a Simpsons/Who poster autographed by Matt Groening, an autographed Sports Illustrated cover of Doug Flutie, autographed guitars from B B King, Leslie West, and Ace Frehley, and more.

There will be a broad range of items (inexpensive to major expensive).

The broadcast thing is still in negotiations, not finalized.

That's about all I know for now. Steve's very excited about this and hopes many people can attend on the 7th.

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