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Re: THEN AND NOW Release Details

> It's a good  marketing strategy.
> 1) It's a teaser for a tour and a new album.

product to coincide with the tour, and the label don't have faith a full new
material release will happen.

> 2) It allows them to release songs they can play at RAH without losing
them to bootleggers.

Other than the small group of diehards fans the general music fan could care
less about anything new.  Most of my finds would be upset some new song
would take place of a classic in concert.

> 3) These may be tracks that don't fit on the new album.

I'd say they will have a very hard time getting enough material for a 45m

> 4) This is standard practice these days.

Yes, and that's why I will pick it up used a few weeks (if not days) after

> 5) They can judge whether fans/critics/radio stations like their current
style of recording.

I can tell them now, indifference.  Nobody cares other people reading this.

> How much would you pay for a couple of new Who singles?  This way you get
> some bonus tracks with your singles.

Singles are of the past.  As much as CDs cost now I get pissed in there
isn't at least 60m of music on them.
$16-19 for two songs is too much.  I already have more Hits packages than
they had hits.