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Re: THEN AND NOW Release Details

> So, that's it? The new "album." Don't *tell* me that's it. Don't tell me
> that if you want the two new songs you've got to buy a $20 collection of 20
> songs that you've already bought 20 times before. I'm serious. Don't tell
> me that.

There's a very good discussion of this on PeteTownshend.com. It's a good marketing strategy.
1) It's a teaser for a tour and a new album.
2) It allows them to release songs they can play at RAH without losing them to bootleggers.
3) These may be tracks that don't fit on the new album.
4) This is standard practice these days.
5) They can judge whether fans/critics/radio stations like their current style of recording.

How much would you pay for a couple of new Who singles? This way you get some bonus tracks with your singles.


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