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Re: Pino on Bass

>From: "Schrade, Scott"
>Subject: Re: Pino on Bass
>I remember, Keets said, "What didn't you like about the show, Scott?"
>But I was too tired to even think of anything specific.  I had been up
>for like 48 hours.

I guess it's not just me.  But, I get so hyped for Who shows, that I can't
sleep the night before.
I was a wreck by the time we got to Boston, when we should have been well
rested and ready for non-stop Who parties!

>I just knew it hadn't been a good Who show.
>because John was gone

Definitely a shock not to have John.

>& partly because it was just a sloppy, unenergetic
>Who show.

As we discussed, probably due to being 1'st show of the new leg, and also
being the start of another leg under difficult circumstances.  Pete and Rog
had just found out upon landing in the US that John died due to cocain.

>I remember thinking, "Fuck.  I've got three more of these concerts to
>attend."  It was that bad.

Yealp.  I was like..."uh..oh...this could be rough."
But, was still psyched to not be going through it alone.  Also psyched for
seeing good friends and partying like back in tha day.

>But then Camden happened the next night & it was obvious that the Who-
>Train was properly back on its tracks & running smoothly.  What a relief.


>I remember, after the show, leaving the seating section where me & Joe L.
>had been sitting (standing)


>& seeing Kevin & Stu walking towards us with
>big smiles on their faces.

I had an out of control shit eating grin!  I couldn't stop it!  I must have
looked silly.

>"Now *that* was a good Who show!" I think I
>said.  Everyone agreed.

I remember!  I think I said "That's more like it".
We all agreed they had kicked it up several notches.
And then...........Hershey.
Ohhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyyyy.

Hershey was the greatest Pete performance I've ever seen.

>I've had people ask me:  Why would you go see more than one show on a tour?
>Don't they play the same songs each night?
>It's difficult to explain the subtleties, the intangibles that can occur
>to make a Who show powerful or limp.  That's part of the danger, I suppose.

It's true.  But, I'd also like a change in set list.  I really have a
problem with an identical set list, night after night.
The excitement of the unknown isn't there.
They really do need to change it up.

>Me, too.  I don't know if I'm gonna do the 4-show jaunt again this tour.
>Maybe 2 shows.  I still enjoy seeing Pete play live, so.... <sigh>

Me too.  But, we're making a bunch of assumptions based on unconfirmed
Pino may not be the bassist for the US tour.  And, this may not be the last
year.  Even Keets is backing off that rumor!
Stu and I were chattin' that we would probably only do 2 shows.
Stu actually mentioned Cleveland as a destination he'd like to hit.
I *tried* to talk him out of it, but he thinks you're cute.

>Ugh.  Depressing.  Bringing me down.  OX.  Why?  Shite.  The Who.  Tragedy.
>Hand-in-hand.  Career.  Legacy.  Almost.  Nearly.  Tattered.

That's what made that day, when we found out about OX, so depressing.
It was the loss of The OX, but also sooooo much more.


>From: Alan McKendree
>Subject: Re: Pino on Bass
>I had transferred all my bags to John Weidele's van before the show, and we
had to split immediately after. Even at that we had to drive all night to
New Jersey to >get in at dawn and catch a few Z's before going to the Camden

We were lucky enough to be able to crash at my buddy Jess' pad in Boston.
Woke up "early" and headed south to Camden.
Got there green as could be from lack of sleep, lack of food, and too many
damn cigarettes (I don't usually smoke!).
The Philly Cheese Steak I had at Hanks only served to force me into the
venue parking lot porta-pot.
Not a good start to my Camden experience.
I hate porta-pots!  Give me the woods, anytime.

>I think John chafed under the amount of control Pete exerted. When Pete
wanted to tour, it was tourtime. Until then, everyone else was on their own.

So, it was the lack of touring?
Did John ever confront Pete about it??

>That's what we missed by John checking out early. It's like standing on the
hill overlooking the promised land and then not getting to go down and

Good analogy.
It was all soooooo close.

And then the Pete Pedophile thing!

What a loooong, strange trip it's been.

Kevin in VT