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Re: Oh Yeah....what to play live

2 albums to play live - easy;
#1 Live at Leeds deluxe edition. (ok, time travel needed here)
#2 Odds and Sods, remixed


At 08:25 PM 2/16/04 -0500, you wrote:
Who tour with Pino rather than no tour.

Who tour with new music, only hand full of greatest hits, and varying set,
rather than same old..same ol'.
(I'd love to hear them jam through Sell Out and another album)

New Who Album rather than Pete Autobiography.

Pete Autobiography rather than new Pete Album.

Ok, there are my answers.

Now, my question...

If The Who performed albums, live.....which two albums would you want them to
play for the show you attended?

Mine....:  Sell Out and Quad?  No, wait...Sell Out and WN.  or.....SO and LAL.
Oooooo, I think I'll stick with that last one.

Kevin in VT