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Re: Inside info from Fang

I hope to go. Depends on ticket prices and locations of shows and all...

At 21:46 16-2-2004, you wrote:

>In a message dated 2/16/2004 10:37:08 AM Pacific Standard Time,
>pkeets@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
><I notice a couple of lists that Fang is predicting that tickets for MSG in
>August 2004 will go on sale Wednesday.  US summer tour to kick off in Las
>Ok, here we go.  I am starting to get those butterflies.  Las Vegas??  Close
>enough for me.  The question is..........which listers will be going......
>Hey Joe!! (my brother), Will you go with me to Vegas to see the Who????
>I promise I'll behave and not embarrass you!!  Wouldn't it be great to
>finally go to a Who show together after all these 
>tell anyone that we had tickets to the 2000 show but at the last minute sold
>them because I couldn't get child care).
>But, the days of having babies and not being able to do things, are coming to
>an end.  I want to go so bad!!!!
>Jo :D
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