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Re: Inside info from Fang

In a message dated 2/16/2004 10:37:08 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
pkeets@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<I notice a couple of lists that Fang is predicting that tickets for MSG in 
August 2004 will go on sale Wednesday.  US summer tour to kick off in Las 

Ok, here we go.  I am starting to get those butterflies.  Las Vegas??  Close 
enough for me.  The question is..........which listers will be going......

Hey Joe!! (my brother), Will you go with me to Vegas to see the Who????

I promise I'll behave and not embarrass you!!  Wouldn't it be great to 
finally go to a Who show together after all these years........(sshhhhh........don't 
tell anyone that we had tickets to the 2000 show but at the last minute sold 
them because I couldn't get child care).

But, the days of having babies and not being able to do things, are coming to 
an end.  I want to go so bad!!!!

Jo :D