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Re: Pino on Bass

	>From: "Schrade, Scott" 
	>Subject: Re: Pino on Bass 
>> Oh, no... Pino sucks! I hate his playing, his bass 
>> tune, his moves(with his head, like a woodpecker)  
>> onstage...

IT's True!
Bwak, Bwak!

>So, Pino's the man for these warm-up shows.

I zip right to The Who site, and start reading, and am thinking the whole time, I hope they let us know who's on bass!
I get there, and my reaction is....<sigh>.
"world renowned bass man, Pino Palladino" ?

>That still doesn't mean 
>he's doing the other shows, or the tour,

What tour?

>if there is a tour.

I'm confident there'll be a tour.
>Or, am
>I just in denial?

I'm really fearing another greatest hits thing with an almost identical set list.

>Perhaps Pino portends permanency. (?)

I'm sure that's how they're looking at it.

Kevin in VT

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