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Re: H&H

----- Original Message ----- From: "Kevin O'Neal"

> >It's the same thing with Heaven and Hell.  Sure it was never a
> >radio hit, but Who fans know its importance to the band's live history.
> ....
> >Plus it's a John song that could be announced as a tribute to John.
> That *would* be nice.
> .....
> Despite everything I wrote above, I'd enjoy it immensely if they tried it.
> But, (again!) it would sure be bitter sweet.

That's all I'm saying.  I'd like to see it.  John can't have "eternal life",
but his music can.  A nice bittersweet tribute to John.  That would be
perfect.  I also think they need to keep mixing up the material and if
John's songs are off limits, that makes it a lot harder.  Of course, they'll
have that new opera to play!

Jim M