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Re: H&H

>From: "Jim M"
>Subject: Re: H&H
>> If they didn't play *any* of John's songs in 2002, I doubt they would
>> the obscure Heaven and Hell.

I'm not sure I'd still consider Heaven and Hell such an obscure song.
It *was* the lead off song on the only live album since Join Together.  And,
IOW was/is the shit.

>It's the same thing with Heaven and Hell.  Sure it was never a
>radio hit, but Who fans know its importance to the band's live history.


>Plus it's a John song that could be announced as a tribute to John.

That *would* be nice.
But (sorry, you knew there had to be one), my little voice keeps telling me
that Heaven and Hell is off limits.  Taboo.  It's John's song, and all
John's song.
It's not just that it's *his* song, but that it's such an important song in
that his vocals are unique, the subject matter is unique, and most
importantly, the opening bass lines are absolutely vintage John, of the sort
that just can not be duplicated.  It's the ultimate John on bass.  It's like
Keith doing AQO on RnR Circus.
There are other John songs that the band in it's future incarnation could
pull off.  But, not this one.  There's just no way.
If they try it, heaven help the bassist that has to try and pull it off.
It's just too much of an "I'm going to try and be John now" type of song.
It's doomed to failure.
Look at how Pino was scrutinized for the 3 bass lines in MG.

>I think
>it's a great idea, if I do say so myself.

Despite everything I wrote above, I'd enjoy it immensely if they tried it.
But, (again!) it would sure be bitter sweet.

Hey!  I had the most amazing John dream last night.  It's funny, my Who
dreams used to all be about Pete, with some Roger, but lately, they're all
This time we were traveling together having a blast.  He was smiling that
big John smile, and laughing at my jokes (I know!), and basically just
having a great time.  It made me feel really good.  I woke up with a smile
on my face.

I really miss him at times.  I wish I had taken more of an initiative when
he was up here in VT.  I wish I had offered to buy him a drink.  I wish I
had asked him to join us for a tour of Burlington, or something, or even
just to sit at the bar. There was a Blues Festival going on at the
waterfront.  We would have had plenty of time to go and check some of it
out.  I wish I had just asked.   He seemed anxious to get back behind stage
after the pre-show gathering, but also seemed like he was bored and looking
for something to do.  I wish...I wish...
I wish that wasn't an opportunity lost, now.
I believe it was his hearing problems that kept me from pursuing a
conversation.  The brief communication we had was difficult.
I'm kicking myself now.  I've learned this lesson so many times in the past,
that now I'm never afraid to 'go for it'.  Why didn't I go for it.....

And then.....Melancholia set in...........

Kevin (feeling extremely privileged to have heard John play and sing H&H
perfectly from just 3 feet away) in VT