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Re: Hearing impaired fans!

> Forget what I shared about what happened to my ear.  I didn't intend 
> to get into a philosophical debate.

I'm sorry, Jon.  Jo, you go right ahead & spend your hard-earned money
on a chiropractor visit for your hearing problem.  And from now on, Jon,
I'll believe everything you say, even if it contradicts all known research,
all known evidence, & every known scientific study.  Obviously, there's
much more to reality than all *that* garbage, right?

I was wrong to try to prevent Jo from spending money on a medical treat-
ment that I naively believed had nothing to do with her hearing problem.
If a chiropractor affected your hearing in the past, Jon, then I fully
renounce the long history & study of medicine, & will, from now on, be-
lieve *your* personal experience over all else.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism