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Auction thoughts

Steve Luongo has asked me to take a survey:

As you may know, there's going to be a benefit for the John Entwistle Foundation at B B King's on March 7, at which a number of donated items will be auctioned off (list to appear later at jae.com). B B's won't allow a auctioneer to come in to do a live auction. Given that, the question to those who will not be attending, which of the following would be most attractive and would seem the most fair to you?

1) Don't allow outside bidding. If you ain't in the house, you don't bid.

2) A "sealed bid" auction, where anyone can e-mail in a bid up until a certain time, and bids sealed in envelopes are collected at the venue. Open them all up at a certain time and compare to the e-mails, and the highest one wins.

3) A "silent auction" -- where the name of each item is written on a sheet of paper and the sheets are laid out on tables, and anyone can walk up and write down their name and their bid up to a certain time -- with "proxies" designated to bid on behalf of the highest e-mailed bid. (And how should the proxies bid...if they're authorized to bid up to $500 and an item is currently $400 with a $10 increment, should the proxy write down $410 or $500?)

4) A "silent auction" in which the first bid written on the sheet for each item is the highest e-mail bid received for that item, and all further bidding would be done by auction attendees.

5) some other method -- specify.

The goal is to have an auction that's fair to everyone and generates a good amount of money for the Foundation.

Feel free to e-mail any comments to me or directly to bitsamail@xxxxxxxx Any that I get, I will forward anonymously to Steve at the bitsamail address.

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