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Hearing impaired fans!

Just in case no one had ever thought that just because some one can't hear they can't listen to music. They can and most hear it by vibrations be they turn it up very load and put ear phones on or just turn it on the speaker and feel it through the floor and so forth it can even be some one who never heard before or has very little hearing at all. We all should be so lucky to hear music be it The Who or any kind of music. 
During the making of Tommy I met a few and I was amazed and also happy to see such devoted fans that were hearing impaired. It was very interesting to see how they could sign the lyrics to the song. Of course I had no idea about signing and still don't. They did tell me that if you don't learn to sign at age 3 then you normally can't lean to comunicate with people.(This was told to me my the interpreter) We sometimes forget about different disability's. Does any one know of any one who has been a fan of The Who that is hearing impaired or even lost their hearing but still is a fan? 
Lets all be thankful for our sense's but just think how different your life might have been if you could not truly hear the music as it was met to be heard. Be it you could never hear or just barely or totally lost your hearing. How do you think it would have changed your life. Of course those hearing impaired fans like other bands too. But to think not to know what a bird sounds or any animal sounds like, or hear a car go by you. People laughing, crying! Even to hear you kids talking. The ocean or the waves hitting your boat. For those who still have their hearing I know it is bloody hard for you have to listen to The Who load. But think about turning it down and save your hearing. It is no fun in a crowed to not be able to hear the person talking to you right next to you. And the ringing in the ears is the worse.      
I would love to see the chat about it.
There once was a note listen!!!!!!!!!

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